Nature resource and activity listings

Our goal is to make it easy to find the best spots to spend time outside. Whether you are looking for an inexpensive (free) play time for the family, outdoor games for kids, or off-the-grid and out-of-the-way locations for extreme activities, RCR8 is the source. We focus on non-commercial / non-private outdoor areas where you are free to be. So don’t worry, get out and recreate!

We pair our advertising partners with social media advertising opportunities and publishers with content that compliments their area of focus with interactive tools and resources.

Add outdoor activity resources to your site

For publishers, bloggers, sports and outdoor retail industry specialty stores, travel sites, etc… Add outdoor activity location maps for free. Copy and paste the embed code get it here.

Looking for a place to go outdoors?
Love to go sledding, surfing, stargazing or spelunking? Somewhere free to take the kids? Know of a great place to go? Want deals on recreation goods?

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Publisher tools for social media marketing and advertiser resources

Reach an active audience with your message. Advertisers, brand managers, marketers looking for a unique channel for increasing brand awareness have several options with RCR8.

  • Social Ad Gamification: Offer special deals on your goods to users triggered by engagement thresholds that they can share with a limited circle of friends. Use social sharing to help distribute your offers. Use the power of social media recommendations to bring visibility and give credit to your brand.
  • Multi-channel distribution: RCR8 content is highly targeted but our distribution channels are broad and diverse. Publishers from bloggers to major media companies, from municipal sites to specialty sports industry will use the RCR8 service. As users across these publishing channels interact with our content, they will have the opportunity to see your message. As a search tool, RCR8 is perfect for reaching buyers just as they’re ready to take action.

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